About Us

ELEJOR – Centrais Elétricas do Rio Jordão S.A is a special purpose entity created to exploit the Fundão Santa Clara Energy Complex, which operates under strict environmental commitments, promoting great ecological benefits, as well as the integration of several municipalities and income generation. This strong commitment to sustainability makes ELEJOR an example of successful large-scale and capital-intensive ventures.

Founded in 2001 by Companhia Paranaense de Energia – COPEL- and by Paineira Participações e Empreendimentos Ltda, ELEJOR composes the National Interconnected System with about 1,229 GWh / year. This represents access to electricity for approximately 600,000 inhabitants.

Global actions to reduce greenhouse gases are also among the commitments that ELEJOR develops since its inception. With a carbon credit project, the company is now responsible for the reduction of approximately 330,000 tCO2/yr, which corresponds to 17.5 million trees preserved per year.

Encouraging art also composes ELEJOR’s profile: Now, artists and professionals of this sector can show their work and hone their skills.

They’re simple actions, but they÷re already making a difference for many people. Check out the information on the site and learn more about ELEJOR.