The 9991 Federal Law of 24 July 2000 determining that electric sector agents shall invest at least 1% of their Net Operating Income (NOI) in research and development programs (R&D).

The investment is a positive way to encourage research in Brazil, producing knowledge to benefit the power utilities in the country, and especially collaborating with the sustainable growth.

ELEJOR has the main lines of research aimed at reducing maintenance costs, increasing revenue, environmental impact mitigation and opening new businesses in power generation. In these lines, the company, through R&D, contributes substantially to the strategic areas of the Agência Nacional de Energia El_trica – ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) and with its vision and mission.

The Five Year Plan for implementation in research and development projects establishes important priorities for the company. Some of the issues can be identified here.

Systemic approach of maintaining the Fundöo Santa Clara Energy Complex, including Concurrent Engineering techniques, among others.

Alternative sources of power generation
Energy planning of alternative sources based on hydrokinetic, wind and photovoltaic working in synergy with hydroelectric generation.

Management of Basins and Reservoirs
New methodology for expeditious identification of invasive species in the reservoirs of ELEJOR.
Study and application of native plant species suitable to the depletion conditions of the reservoirs, aiming to mitigate erosion and siltation.

It also mentions some of the projects already developed by ELEJOR:
Evaluation of the floristic re-composition and its association with the fauna in Permanent Preservation Areas of the Energy Complex of Santa Clara and Fundöo _Jordan River, Basin of Iguaçu River, ParanÖ.
Development of Methodologies for Monitoring of the Corrosive Nature of Mineral Insulating Oil in Field and for the Dosage of Passivating Additives.
Assessment of the degradation state of concrete and monitoring the process of water percolation through the dam in the CCR of Santa Clara HPP.
Online detection of flaws in welds of stator bars of hydrogenerators with fiber optic sensors.
Under-Pressure monitoring system with optical fibers for concrete dams.
Evaluation of injection for repair of concrete structures by employing geophysical techniques.
Residual energy harnessing of the SHP leakage channel through hydrokinetic generator..
Development of methodology for assessment of structural integrity and monitoring of water intake railings of hydroelectric plants.