Power Generation

Concern for the environment has been a priority throughout the history of ELEJOR since CEFSC was just a project. Incidentally, the Projeto BÖsico Ambiental (Basic Environmental Project) systematized numerous studies on the environment and the impact produced by the project. Thirty three environmental programs have been developed to mitigate, prevent and counteract the impacts caused by the construction of the project, and enhance the positive impacts.

ELEJOR structures its actions in an Environmental Management Program that integrates people to optimize operations with efficiency and positive results for the environment. This program is part of the company’s Environmental Policy, which guides the work in the operation of the Fundöo Santa Clara Energy Complex – CEFSC and moves the company to a green future: a declaration of intentions and principles in relation to the overall environmental performance, which provides a framework for action and for the achievement of its environmental objectives and targets.

The Environmental Policy of ELEJOR always seeks the commitment and respect for the environment, which anchors steady principles with the company’s culture throughout its existence.
1.ëëëë Take an irreducible commitment to the highest moral and ethical values __in our business dealings, while respecting environmental legislation and establishing a relationship of trust with environmental control agencies.
2.ëëëë Participate effectively in both state and local Agenda 21, taking them as a forum for discussion and construction of a Model for Sustainable Development, in its many dimensions.
3.ëëëë Respect the social, economic, environmental and cultural aspects of the region in which the project falls, generating sustainable income for all segments involved.
4.ëëëë Empower continuously the technical staff so that the undertaking always receives the best in terms of scientific reality, whether in the use of the natural resources or in the waste disposal.
5.ëëëë Prioritize constructive models guided by environmentally clean and balanced processes, so as not to waste natural raw materials and maximally reduce the waste of any kind.
6.ëëëë Implement, maintain and improve internal control and environmental management mechanisms in order to monitor the project, preparing, discussing and implementing the best environmental policies.
7.ëëëë Keep communication lines with all segments of society, informing them about the environmental aspects of our business, and motivating them to take part in the actions of natural resource protection and biodiversity conservation.