Global Compact

On February 19, 2008, ELEJOR joined the UN GLOBAL COMPACT for human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption. Since then, assumed the obligations for implanting in the company the universal principles promoted by the UN and to contribute to the Millennium Development Goals by publicly supporting accountability and transparency in its actions, its businesses and its social and environmental responsibility.

Elejor became a benchmark in environmental preservation, due to the fact that the company’s cares for the Environment became guidelines for major projects in ParanÖ and Brazil. The Fundöo Santa Clara Energy Complex – CEFSC is the first one in the country to comply with all requirements of environmental sustainability and respect for the local population, using the most modern engineering techniques in construction of hydroelectric plants, combined with the practice quality and environmental sustainability in its actions.

The practices of ELEJOR, related to principles that protect and safeguard the dignity at work, transparency in management, fairness in financial matters, are in constant improvement and consolidation in order to constitute them into a buoy tenders for its profile.

The programs, environmental policies and actions developed by the Company are outlined below in the summary of practices and their correlation with the Global Compact principles.

The ten principles of the Global Compact are: