Environmental Programs

The implementation of the Basic Environmental Program of the Energy Complex of Fundöo – Santa Clara approved by IAP in 2001/2002, was a condition for issuance of Installation Permits of the two plants. Today, all programs are in operation, conducted in an integrated manner in the two plants.

Besides these activities, o ELEJOR contributes to the Program to Support the Development of Municipalities, held in conjunction with governments of municipalities of the region to create conditions for local sustainability. The company built a bridge over the Jordöo River to allow the road linking between the municipalities of Foz do Cand•i and Jordöo. Other actions are being discussed for local development and they include prioritization of hiring workforce in the region.

The implementation process of Gauged Stations is being conducted in accordance with the Resolution No. 396/98, of ANEEL.

Elejor keeps the Risk Management Program, to deal with emergency situations and evaluate risks and contingencies. The company also participates in the Committee of the Jordöo River Basin and the Association of Users of Jordan River in the search for alternatives for rational use of water resources.

Environmental Programs of Energetic Complex of Fundöo – Santa Clara currently running (just put those running at the moment).
1.ëëëë Characterization and Monitoring of Water Quality;
2.ëëëë Reintegration of Areas to the Natural Landscape;
3.ëëëë Reservoir Slopes Monitoring;
4.ëëëë Monitoring of Erosion and Silting in the Reservoir Area;
5.ëëëë Assessment and Monitoring Drawdown Range ;
6.ëëëë Support for Development of Municipalities;
7.ëëëë Rescue and Preservation of Archaeological Heritage;
8.ëëëë Expropriation and Resettlement;
9.ëëëë Climate Monitoring;
10.ë Fluviometric Monitoring;
11.ë Risk Management.