Elejor as a company generating clean energy, has been acting consistently in preserving the environment and engages itself in the search and development of sound policies for sustainable development of the region in which it operates and the country as a whole. In this context the company has been acting as an issuer of Reduced Emission Certificates (RECs), known as Carbon Credits.

In 2005 the company embarked, upon bidding, preparation of the “Clean Development Mechanism – CDM” project and certification of greenhouse gases emission reductions under the Kyoto Protocol to the projects of Fund?o – Santa Clara Energy Complex, in the Jord?o River, in the state of Paran?..

In 2007 Elejor received the Letter of Approval from the Chairman of the Inter-ministerial Commission on Global Climate Change, Designated National Authority for the Clean Development Mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol.

Today the company is authorized to issue carbon credits: a condition that is certified annually to ensure for the market proper conditions of issue and a cleaner future for the generations to come.



The ELEJOR has available for SALE.

The certified emission reductions (CERs) resulting from the project (1279) are issued and available official record of the UK  greenhouse gas emissions trading.


Follow the volume available below.

01/05/2009 – 30/04/2010 – 334.290 t/CO201/05/2010 – 31/08/2011 – 370.236 t/CO2

01/09/2011 – 31/12/2012 – 354.112 t/CO2

TOTAL ……………………….1.058,638 t/CO2